Kids Communication Connection is a privately owned speech and language therapy clinic. We provide speech and language evaluations as well as individual speech and language therapy. Therapy is play based in order to provide a natural environment for learning language and to increase carryover. Parents are encouraged to be a part of the therapy session as our goal is to equip parents with activities they can perform at home that enhance their child’s language and speech skills. We believe in collaborating with other individuals working with each child in order to insure that each child reaches his/her highest potential.

Kelly’s First Rainstorm – R and L Sounds

Kelly’s First Rainstorm is not only a delightful story that children will enjoy, but also a great opportunity to practice the sounds /r/ and /l/. Kids will love reading about Kelly, a young kangaroo, and enjoy the emotional ride as she experiences her first rainstorm. As a bonus, speech and language enhancing activities are included at the back of the book. Learn more about Kelly’s First Rainstorm.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality speech and language services in order for every child to effectively communicate his/her wants, needs, and ideas.


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